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Just about everybody likes Jesus...sort of.

Christians adore him. Muslims respect him. Jewish men and women often agree he has interesting things to say.

If only Jesus didn't have a habit of being completely unreasonable.

Join author Thomas Christianson as he explores some of Jesus' more demanding expectations of his followers. In The Unreasonable Jesus, TC describes with warmth and wit his journey attempting to live out some of Jesus' most unreasonable requests.

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A Reason To Hope: A Journal for Lent
By Thomas L Christianson

Easter is the most important event in the history of humanity. Its importance continues today and impacts our everyday lives. In a world that suffers and inflicts pain, violence and heartache, Easter is a signpost pointing to the day when all the wrongs in our world will be put to right and everything will be made new again. During the 40 days leading up to Easter, the season of Lent invites us to prepare our hearts for the life giving change of resurrection. Using scripture, consideration, prayer and practical action, join the timeless and borderless Body of Christ in looking forward to the hope we find in Christ!