Mundane Mediocrity

It’s easy to see God in the extraordinary. It’s easy to cry out to him in desperation.

But how can we make our relationship with God part of everyday, normal life?

Here’s what I don’t like about facebook: it makes people feel like their lives are boring and uninteresting, but that everybody else has a ton of exciting/interesting stuff happening.

In reality, this is untrue. It’s an illusion. When you have 500 people who only post something that is noteworthy, it just seems like everybody else is busy and doing stuff. Most people are just making it through a boring day, same as you are.

But people usually don’t post things like: “Just heated up lunch in the microwave. Back to my desk for another 3 hours now.”

The challenge of being a true Christian for a typical American (in my opinion) is seeking God when everything is status quo. We don’t really need God to meet our dietary needs: we have plenty of food. Most of us are normally in pretty good health, or we go to the doctor and get medication if we need it. We’re not generally in danger of being attacked.

The things that are trying to compete for our attention are TV, facebook, games, etc.

Things that are passive and fun and easy.

Seeking God is none of those things. It takes time and energy and effort. You have to wrestle with your thoughts and emotions and focus.

If we only look for God in the ‘big events’ in life, I think we will miss the times when he is a still, small whisper. And in my experience, those are the words of life that prepare us to handle the big events.

God is still God even when life is a grind. We must resist the temptation to check out when everything within us wants to do exactly that.

Nobody likes plowing the fields, but without that work, you don’t see a harvest.